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Kids Engaging in Math Engineering and Technology
Science Technology Engineering and Math  


     KEMET is an interactive STEAM program for ages 6 to 17 years old. KEMET intergrates the science and engineering with the arts. We offer a wide array of enrichment activities that follow the Next Generation Science Standards. Students are able to see science and engineering principles come to life.  Students increase their critical thinking skills and creativity while forming commradity by working in groups .

       Data from the  Bureau of Labor Statiscs shows that there will be a growth of over one million jobs in the STEM field by 2020.  Even though the number of people that graduate from a STEM related fields has increased, this is still not going to be enough to cover the number of jobs that will be available by the time your teenage child enters into the workforce. 



Engineering Design Process

       KEMET is committed to introducing  and nuturing children to STEM related fields.  Students are introduced to various engineering principles and then they use the Engineering Design Process to create a project. Everyone learns  differently. It doesn't matter whether you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner at KEMET each priniciple is taught and reinforced using various learning styles.  


          Students are engaged and excitied from day one of the program.  Students will explore topics in Earth, Life, and Physical science.  Students will be able to create a project by themselves and then they will work in a group and design a project with others. Some of the projects that were created in the past were water filtration system, solar oven, and earthquake ressistant homes. 


Computer Programming is anticipated to be  the fastest growing employment field in the 21st Century. Currently there are more computer science and programming jobs available than those who qualify for these positions. It is anticipated that this shortage will get even bigger, if the current rate of those graduating college are not earning degrees in this field.   The younger that we begin to expose kids to coding, the more comfortable they will be in the science and math fields.



            KEMET is not a school environment where kids sit, listen and then take test. We offer a hands on, interactive experience for kids. Not only do they learn but they have fun.  KEMET offers after school and summer programs that introduce kids to coding.  

Virtual  Learning Center

There are different reasons that parents choose to get extra help with their child's education.  Whether your child wants to reinforce subjects that they have already learned or need to grow in different subject areas we have the course for you. 



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